Friday, March 24, 2023

Book Reviews:

Treat yourself to Book MAMA’s insightful and witty book reviews for moms and kids.  Her picks will have your book club reeling, and your kids begging for story time!

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Somebody Loves You Mr. Hatch: Book Recommendation For Kids

By: Eileen Spinelli

In my former life as a Kindergarten teacher, I remember thinking—every year—that if I were ever going to write a children’s book it would be a Valentine’s Day themed story because for some reason, there just aren’t that many.  And that is still true!  I just checked.  So I’m recommending an old favorite, and most ... Read more


Book Mamas : BOOK MAMA’s Review For Moms

The Help by Kathryn Stockett—fabulous, thumbs up.  SHOCKING  account of what went on in some homes in the South as recently as 30-40 years ago—in our lifetime!  The Little Stranger  by Sarah Waters and Shatter by Michael Robotham— I got both these books off a favorite books of 2009 list by Stephen King of all people—whose books I don’t ... Read more


The Overnight Socialite : BOOK MAMA’s Review For Moms

By: Bridie Clark

Everyone loves a good make-over.  Cinderella was always my favorite—literally rising out of the ashes of the fireplace to trounce over her bitchy stepsisters with her fab glass slippers.  My mom tells me I would “play” Cinderella as a child, but ALWAYS started out with my nightie and some old apron and a broom at ... Read more


When Vera Was Sick : BOOK MAMA’s Review For Kids

By: Vera Rosenberry

Sometimes I am really jealous of Ellen and Portia.  They have love.  They have laughs.  They probably hang their towels up or at least have someone that hangs them up.  And probably, when either of them gets the sniffles, the world as they know it doesn’t end.  Maybe Ellen will stop at the CVS and ... Read more


The Tall Book of Christmas : BOOK MAMA’s Review For Kids

By: Dorothy Hall Smith

This book is an absolute classic.  It was much loved by me as a child and my own kids feel the same way.  It contains stories, poems and songs and the last story is Clement C. Moore’s The Night Before Christmas which of course, we always save until Christmas Eve! The illustrations are vintage which for me, ... Read more


You Better Not Cry : BOOK MAMA’s Review For Moms

By: Augusten Burroughs

The holidays are here!  In the spirit of massive excess that marks our American Christmas celebrations, I offer you a sort of montage of Christmas books this month. I thought I’d try to be a little bit seasonal—thematic if you will, for this month, this oh, so joyous month of glad tidings and joy to ... Read more


All Over But The Shoutin : BOOK MAMA’s Review For Moms

By: Rick Bragg

Most of my friends are long time friends—20-30 years or so.  I have a few newish friendships—formed post kids—consequently, with some of these friends, I don’t know their histories yet; I don’t know their “people.” A while back, I was sitting at my daughter’s soccer game with one of these newer friends and her mother.  ... Read more


Be Nice to Spiders : BOOK MAMA’s Review For Kids

By: Margaret Bloy Graham

An oldie but a goodie! In my former-pre-kids life, I was a Kindergarten teacher, and as Halloween approached every year, I used two thematic units in my “curriculum.”  The first was “Bats and Bones” and the second was “Spiders!”  The week of Halloween itself was usually a total loss anyway, so I was less ambitious ... Read more


“Happens Every Day- An All Too True Story” : BOOK MAMA’s Review For Moms

By: Isabel Gillies

This memoir received mixed reviews, but enough of the critics had enough good things to say that I read it despite an inherent shudder when I realized an actress had written it.  And in saying that I’m absolutely not saying actresses can’t write; Carrie Fisher has written some of my all time favorite books…no, I ... Read more