Sunday, March 26, 2023

Book Reviews:

Treat yourself to Book MAMA’s insightful and witty book reviews for moms and kids.  Her picks will have your book club reeling, and your kids begging for story time!


WORDS MATTER: May Book Review for KIDS

By: Book MAMA

Noah Webster & His Words, written by Jeri Chase Ferris. Any time I read anything about the birth of our nation…about our Patriots and Sons of Liberty fighting against the hold of King George and Mother Britain…about settlers moving west and creating lives and towns and families and histories in the wilds…about town hall meetings ... Read more


SEX & SCIENCE: May Book Review For MAMAs

By: Book MAMA

Bonk – The Curious Coupling of Science and Sex, written by Mary Roach. A.J. Jacobs said Mary Roach could write a book about Quonset huts and he would read it—she’s that good.  Well, I feel the same way about A.J.Jacobs, so I figured I should give Roach a try.  Mary Roach is the funniest science ... Read more


Betty Bunny Wants Everything: BOOK MAMA’S Review For Kids

By: Michael Kaplan & Stephanie Jorisch

Betty Bunny is a very popular bunny in the world of children’s literature, but she also gets a little bit of a bad rap because she’s pretty badly behaved.  She’s in good company though–all the old and new favorites tend to be less than perfect as far as manners and overall demeanor: Olivia, Eloise, etc. ... Read more


The Fault In Our Stars: BOOK MAMA’S Review For Moms (and YA)

By: John Green

So this is the first book I read DIGITALLY on my iPad.  I’ve been a hold-out for a while now—lugging stacks of books around when I travel and quite literally running out of room in my house to store books—and I am constantly giving my books away and yet they seem to continue to multiply.  ... Read more


Otter and Odder-A Love Story: Book MAMA’s Review for Kids

By: James Howe and Chris Raschka

We had a very girly couple of days last weekend.  Daddy was off hunting and so we spent our days trying to tire out our puppy and doing each other’s nails…baking peanut butter muffins and red velvet cupcakes and flat ironing each other’s hair..but most of our time, in the evening at least, was spent ... Read more


Beautiful Ruins: Book MAMA’s Review for Moms

By: Jess Walter

I had a red mark on my forehead—nothing really, easily covered by make-up—except when it would flake and then scab and then bleed when I washed my face.  So after much urging from family, I had it checked; they did a biopsy, and sure enough…skin cancer—not the dreaded melanoma but basal cell carcinoma—whatever, I had ... Read more


Is There Really Such A Thing As A Family Tree?: Book MAMA’s Review For Kids

By: Renee Carter

My mother in law is 100% Swedish which makes my husband ½ (his father was French/Greek) and my kids ¼ Swedish for sure.  So they are more Swedish than anything else.  What they get from my side is a crazy mix (and I do mean crazy) of Irish, Italian, Mexican, Danish, Native-American, and more—the classic ... Read more


What Makes You Tic: Book MAMA’s Review for Moms

By: Marc Elliot

At work, periodically I get emails that are sent to all faculty and staff alerting us to specific circumstances that may involve a child or his or her family and may affect our interaction with that child.  These emails are always highly confidential but often really important and useful.  If there is a student acting ... Read more


A Literary Christmas- Great Contemporary Christmas Stories: Book MAMA’s Review For Moms

By: Edited by Lilly Golden

Why are bad things so much worse at Christmas?  For some reason there is this almost innate desire in us parent types to have that traditional, Norman Rockwell-esque picture perfect holiday with the cozy fire, nuclear family, big dog on the rug, carolers at the door, steaming cider in mugs.  Anything short of that is ... Read more


My Penguin Osbert : BOOK MAMA’s Review For Kids

By: Elizabeth Cody Kimmel

We were having dinner at my mother-in-laws the other night.  Her ice maker has been on the fritz, and she lives alone so she had just been using her old ice trays rather than call a repairman.  She was helping my daughters get some cranberry juice—on the rocks—of course, and was popping the ice casually ... Read more