Saturday, June 03, 2023

House Party:

Learn how to have your own O-MAMA house party!

We’re helping to throw “campaign for common sense” house parties across the country!  We’re breaking party etiquette and talking politics and tackling social taboos – race, religion, gay marriage, you name it…it’s on the kitchen table. Moms know how to find common ground and move agenda’s forward, so we need to use these skills to get to the heart of the issues that matter most to the future of our kids…and the future of our country. It’s big, it’s scary, that’s why we are going to do it with our friends and neighbors, so we can giggle together and have a big hug circle afterward. If you are interested in hosting an O-MAMA House Party, contact us and we’ll send you a party packet with invitations, party tips, hot button conversation starters and some swag!

Click below to see a quick video of our first house party!