Friday, March 24, 2023

Hot Mamas:

O-MAMA wants to meet and support all the incredible MAMAs out there making a difference in the lives of their families, neighbors, communities and country.


Nominate a Hot MAMA you know (and YES, you can nominate yourself – we know you’re hot stuff, too). It can be something big or something little – something we can all cheer her on about. Send us an email to contact@o-mama.com, include her name and contact info, as well as why you think this MAMA is HOT. Submissions can also include a picture, video and/or resume. 

WONDER-MAMA: Suzanne Broughton

SUMMER 2011 HOT MAMA: Suzanne Broughton

Our sizzling summer hot mama is as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside.  Suzanne Broughton is  “Alive in Wonderland” which is the name of her informative, insightful and witty blog on OC Family.

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HEALING MAMA: Linsey Goldman

JUNE 2011 HOT MAMA: Linsey Goldman

“My child has what?” is the first thing any parent would think after being told their child has epilepsy.   But, after the shock and grief wear off…

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Molly is more than a steel magnolia-she’s an ironwoman.  This triathelete  MAMA combined her love of running and her expertise in adolescent issues led her to create “Girls on the Run.”

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VEGETARIAN COWGIRL: Nicolette Hahn Niman

APRIL 2011 HOT MAMA: Nicolette Hahn Niman

She’s a “rancher, lawyer, author, mother.” Think environmentalist vegetarian who fell in love with a rancher, moved from the big city out West and is raising a baby and a lot of cattle.  Imagine all the FUN that goes on in their kitchen!

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HOT MAMA: Dancing The Night Away

MARCH 2011 HOT MAMA:  Betsy Crapps & Her Mom Prom

Leave it to MAMAs to take Girls Night Out to a new level!   Imagine your best pals suggesting you get out your old prom dress…….umpteen years ago, squeeze into it, and go out dancing.  Yeah..the only way…

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Top 10 Political MAMAs of 2010

O-MAMA is here to celebrate each other as women and moms.  So, as everyone else makes lists of the top this and that, we have made a list of the TOP 10 Political MAMAs for 2010.  To recognize the women who are influencing our politics and our country.  Each of them has made a name ...

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HOT MAMA: Coming To The AID

DECEMBER 2010 HOT MAMA: Trish Karlin Tackling Pediatric AIDS

We have chosen Trish to be our first HOT-MAMA honoree, because she is taking on an important hot button issue – pediatric AIDS/HIV.

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