Friday, March 24, 2023

Hot Mamas:

O-MAMA wants to meet and support all the incredible MAMAs out there making a difference in the lives of their families, neighbors, communities and country.


Nominate a Hot MAMA you know (and YES, you can nominate yourself – we know you’re hot stuff, too). It can be something big or something little – something we can all cheer her on about. Send us an email to contact@o-mama.com, include her name and contact info, as well as why you think this MAMA is HOT. Submissions can also include a picture, video and/or resume. 

September 2013 Hot MAMA: Tracy Beckerman

Tracy Beckerman is Cool In Suburbia. Our Hot-MAMA this month is bringing funny to the burbs.  Her popular blog, syndicated humor column and latest book, “Lost in Suburbia” is for “any mom who is trying to hold onto just a bit of her former COOL pre-mom self.” A sense of humor helps all moms keep ...

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Coming soon…

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This is the month of love and appreciation…and who do we love more than our MAMAs?

Nominate your most beloved and we’ll select honorees throughout the year!

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DECEMBER 2012 HOT MAMA: Peace Builder Michelle Molina

Everyone’s one wish is for “world peace,” but few of us put that desire into action.  Michelle Molina is our hot mama because she’s committed to acting on that desire through her organization PeacePartners.  Michelle is an educator who developed PeaceBuilders, a violence prevention curriculum which aims to create safe, positive learning environments in places where violence and bullying ...

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HOT MAMA: Angels On Earth

JANUARY 2011 HOT MAMA: Patti Patton-Bader & Soldier’s Angels

Patti Patton-Bader is our Hot MAMA for January.  This self-proclaimed “ordinary” mom did something extraordinary when she sent her sons off to war.  She gave us our wings. Find out how you can get yours…

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Go For The Gold: HOT Olympic MAMAs

HOT Olympic MAMAs During the London Olympic games we’d like to celebrate the 13 US Olympic athletes who are moms!  (Thank you Title IX!) Talk about doing it all?!  Some of us are just happy to squeeze in a work out here or there, so we’re gonna give them a shout out, to make sure you know ...

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HOT MAMA: Dancing The Night Away

MAY 2012 HOT MAMA:  Betsy Crapps & Her Mom Prom Leave it to MAMAs to take Girls Night Out to a new level! It’s Prom time again….not for the teenie boppers…for MAMAs! Imagine your best pals suggesting you get out your old prom dress from….umpteen years ago, squeeze into it, and go out dancing.  Yeah, the ...

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JANUARY 2012 HOT MAMA: Global Soccer Mom, Shayne Moore

We’ve found another O-MAMA!  Shayne Moore is a soccer mom who is making a difference by getting out of her suburban American comfort zone and taking her “mom heart” global. We interviewed her on our radio show and she is one smart and motivated MAMA!   She knows that, “real change happens right where we are.” Inspired by ...

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OCTOBER HOT MAMA 2011: Jill Fales

One MAMA, 4 kids, 50 states-that’s what The Great American Field Trip is all about.

This HOT MAMA is on a mission…

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MAMAS of 9/11


This month we honor all the MAMAs of 9/11…those who were lost…and those that lost their children.  

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