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O-MAMA wants to hear all about the incredible KID-Os making a difference every day in the lives of their friends, families, neighbors, communities and country.


Come on…brag about your kids!  Nominate a great kid that is changing the world in some way – big or small – just email us at contact@o-mama.com with their name and contact info, plus details about why this KID-O is shaking things up. Submissions can also include a picture, video and/or resume. 

GIRLS RISING: Malala Yousafzai

OCTOBER KID-O:  Malala Yousafzai.  Today is the UN’s International Day of the Girl, so let’s celebrate our daughters and all of the privileges they have being born in the United States of America.  I took my daughter to see a powerful movie last night about the importance of educating the world’s girls. The movie is ...

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Our Kid-O from January 2011, Katie Stagliano,

just announced an opportunity for kids 9-16 who start a vegetable garden in their community to feed needy people.  They can win a grant for up to $400, support from Katie’s Krops, and a digital camera!  

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SWEET DREAMS: Christina Taylor Green

FEBRUARY KID-O: Christina Taylor Green

This Kid-O led an extraordinary life from the moment she entered the world, until the moment she left it.   Like us, her passion for politics began during the last presidential campaign, so we feel connected to her…and we know you do, too.

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DECEMBER 2012 KID-O CHANGING THE WORLD: Politi-Kid Connor Brantley

Connor Brantley is changing the world by changing the face of politics, although, he’s more likely to be using pimple cream than shaving cream on his! This 14-year-old spicy Texan founded “United Now,” a political group with the goal of, “ending the partisan divide and showing that you are never too young to be involved ...

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OCTOBER 2012 KID-Os CHANGING THE WORLD: Kind Duo Lauren Parsekian and Molly Thompson

We’d like to think that most kids are naturally “kind,” but we know bullying is a problem in our society.   We found two gals who identified this problem, but did not accept that bullying was the “common ground” for girls’ relationships.  They went out in search of examples of kindness and mutual respect, and are ...

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Golden Children: Future Olympians

Future Olympians There are kids all over the country who practice every day and are working hard to be outstanding athletes – maybe even team USA’s future Olympians?!  The Junior Olympics for water polo are happening in August at Stanford University and proud MAMA, Michelle, wants to give a shout out to her daughter, Evan, ...

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MAKING A SPLASH: Harrison Tingler

JULY KID-O:  Harrison Tingler.  Has your child ever been excited about swimming lessons? Mine never were?!  They used to scream and cry.  It was a stressful way to kick off the summer “fun.”  Well, problem solved!  We found THE swimming instructor KIDS LOVE and so do their MAMAS!!!  Hooray for Harrison.  Harrison is a great ...

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MAY 2012 KID-O: Zach Wahls Zach is our KID-O of the month because he is changing the world by putting GAY MARRIAGE in the context of millions of kids with same-sex parents.  Zach has become the face of “a child of a same sex couple.” Zach Wahls is all about family. He’s sorta your average ...

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Introducing Jenna Carly Tudela, the first American born baby of 2012. Jenna was born at 12:01am in Guam Memorial Hospital, which is where the first American born baby of the year enters the world!  Guam is “Where America’s Day Begins,” as it is an American territory.  The Tudela family will be treated to $7,000 in gifts ...

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OCTOBER 2011 KID-O Brittany Young

Stay tuned for Brittany’s story!

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