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Margaret Thatcher is such an inspiration to so many women around the world.

(from WORDS OF WISDOM: Margaret Thatcher)
Inspirational Quotes

WORDS OF WISDOM: Mother Teresa On Love…

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TANGLED WEB: Van Der Sloot Guilty

Update January 12, 2012: Joran van der Sloot pleaded guilty in a Peruvian court to the 2010 murder of 21-year-old Peruvian student Stephany Flores.  Van der Sloot is also the main suspect in the disappearance of the American, Natalee Holloway, in 2005.  He told the court, “I am truly sorry for this act. I feel very ... Read more

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RAUCUS CAUCUS: Rick N Romney Tie In Iowa Caucus

Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum tied in the Iowa caucus (technically Romney won by 8 votes), proving that there is no set formula for effective political campaigning state to state.  Romney spent a boatload of money in Iowa, while Santorum saved his bucks and rode around in a pick up truck glad handing Iowans and winning ... Read more

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MAMAS – Do you think RELIGIOUS preference should be a factor in the 2012 election?

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“Friends Forever”: An Opinionated Mom’s Perspective On OPRAH Leaving

We posted this opinion in April of 2010 and boy, how time does fly! Oprah’s last show will air today-May 25, 2011.  (There is a literal countdown on her website) O-MAMAs will be missing MAMA Oprah, and so, we thought we’d re-post our article and pay some respect to a woman who deserves it! ————————————————- ... Read more

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CAPTURING HEARTS & MINDS: Sargent Shriver Dies at 95

Sargent Shriver, who was married to John F. Kennedy’s sister, Eunice, passed away in his home in Maryland, losing his battle with Alzheimer’s disease.  The maverick Kennedy in-law was an independent and ambitious politician and activist.  He was the first director of the Peace Corps and was accused at times of being overly idealistic.  For ... Read more

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LEARN YOUR LESSON: Opinionated MAMA’s TOP 12 Lessons Learned in 2010

Everyone has a TOP 10 list at the end of the year…but we’re MAMAs and we think that we need to remind our kids, and our country, about the lessons we should have learned this year. January lesson to Bernie Madoff…“Cheaters never prosper.” Click to read more on the MONEY hot button.   Hard work ... Read more

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