Wednesday, June 19, 2019
This is a forum to discuss TRADITIONS in a constructive way.  Please share your opinions, and links to other resources, to help us figure out this important "hot button" issue.

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omama says:

HA – totally agree! Sounds like you have the best kind of LOVE. xox

(from “Redefining Romance”: Opinionated MAMA’s Practical Perspective on VALENTINE’S DAY)

BADGE OF HONOR: It’s Veteran’s Day!

This is our day to give back to those who have fought, and in some cases, have died for our freedom.  Each year on November 11th, which is the anniversary of the signing of the Armistice ending WWI, Americans are given a holiday just to honor our soldiers who have served our country. It is our ... Read more

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THE GREAT PUMPKIN: The Origin of Halloween

Happy Halloween MAMAS!  The Halloween we celebrate in America today has its origins in many ethnic and religious celebrations that celebrated the autumn harvest.  Irish and English immigrant populations in the second half of the nineteenth century added the tradition of dressing up in costume and going house-to-house asking for food or money.   Then, young ... Read more

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