Saturday, June 03, 2023
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Debomama says:

I love you, BookMAMA! Both of my kids have phones (at 14 and 10) and the high school kid with phone is necessary because of sports, and so I can FIND him…like a little GPS tracker! My daughter also goes to a different school, so she feels like it’s her anti-kidnapping device. Like the phone is protecting her from getting lost or separated from me-which is important to her, because she’s just that anxious kid who wants to stay close to MAMA. So, I am in cyber jail in practice, even though I agree with you totally! So far the only REAL benefit to the phone is that I can take it away as punishment and, sadly, it’s the only currency that truly works to improve grades and behavior. A pathetic statement about how powerful those cellphones really are!


SITTIN ON MY LAP: Tablet Computers To Replace Laptops

The President of AT&T’s emerging devices, Glen Lurie, says that the new tablet computers will take the place of latptops.  Tablet device sales are expected to grouw 23% by 2010, according to analysts.  “Starting in 2012 tablets will outsell notebooks, and by 2014, more consumers will use tablets than will use netbooks,” says Sarah Rotman ... Read more

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LONG TIME COMING: Letitia Long Named Director of Natl Geospatial-Intelligence Agency

Letitia A. Long has been named director of the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency, a spy agency that creates 3-D interactive maps through satellite imagery. This marks the first time a woman has been chosen to lead a major U.S. intelligence agency.  Long, 51, has had a 32-year career in intelligence, including serving as deputy director of ... Read more

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