Wednesday, August 05, 2020
This is a forum to discuss SEX in a constructive way.  Please share your opinions, and links to other resources, to help us figure out this important "hot button" issue.

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I totally agree. My son is now 27, but he knew how babies were made by the time he was six. And we taught him about the importance of condoms by the time he was 12. Yes, that seems early, but kids grow up faster than we think. And if he — or his twin cousins — ever had a question, they knew they could count on us to answer them honestly. Once, he asked a question I wasn't sure how to answer, and I didn't think he'd understand at his age… and that's exactly what I told him. We still have a very open and honest relationship. And there's never been a pregnancy or STD.

(from THE BIRDS AND THE BEES: Having The Sex Talk)

Opinionated MAMA Kitchen Table Talk: “Sex, the Birds and the Bees”

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