Wednesday, August 05, 2020
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Anonymous says:

I like that we are having an open dialogue about these dicey issues…although we may not agree on everything?! I have known many wonderful priests who do much good…and I know there are many more. However, the recent allegations about the multiple abuses of a 5th grader within the same church/school certainly would constitute a "culture of pedophilia." And, when the archdiocese covers up reports of abuse, the statistics are irrelevant – victims of abuse are still coming forward, many more don't have the courage to share their stories publically and many accused priests have been moved around without investigation – those cases have never been prosecuted, and many more will never come out. But, your point about pedophilia in general is a good one – we need to be careful about who our kids are alone with – coaches, babysitters, etc. It is not just priests. Any environment where a child "trusts" an adult should be carefully scrutinized. As for the "suppressing sexual desires" comment – I ABSOLUTELY think our kids need to suppress theirs until they are responsible adults, but they do have them – it's physiological, so it's not like those feelings just go away, even if we want them to. We can suppress them, sure. We teach our kids to have self-respect and practice patience, until they are ready, but at some point they are ready. I wanted to throw out the question, to see if we really know the effects of suppressing sexuality (homo or hetero) …maybe there are those who are asexual or antisexual…and maybe this is screened during the discernment process…but, clearly, some priests are fallling through the cracks and, to your point, they are held to a higher standard. The Catholic church can and should do better. Personally, I have zero problem if priests want to take a vow of celibacy, as long as it isn't having an adverse affect on innocent kids. On the other hand, I have zero problem if they have a choice to marry either.




(from TESTING THE FAITH: Philly Pedophile Priests)

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