Wednesday, August 05, 2020
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Anonymous says:

So, I guess we just tell our kids to lie and bury the truth?! I don't get what just happened…the public who was brought into this whole mess because of the search for that baby and all the media attention, deserves to know what happened to that baby. How did she die? Who buried her there? Why did Casey lie to police? Where is Casey's boyfriend in all of this? At the very least, that baby died while she was in the care of her mother – if it was an accident, why not call 911? How can someone's child die and disappear and get dumped in the woods and mauled by animals and no one is held accountable? The mother isn't responsible to report it? What about respect for that little one? I'm disgusted by the whole thing – that family has problems and that poor little girl paid the ultimate price.

(from FAMILY SECRETS: Casey Anthony Found Not Guilty)

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