Friday, March 24, 2023
Love and Marriage
This is a forum to discuss LOVE & MARRIAGE in a constructive way.  Please share your opinions, and links to other resources, to help us better understand this important "hot button" issue.

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Jenn in Austin, I agree with you completely. I went into my marriage (now married for 13 yrs.) knowing it would be hard work…but hard work that I welcomed. We have two boys – 8 and 6 and we let them see us have a difference of opinion when it is appropriate to show them.. that even mommies and daddies disagree but we still love each other. This is real life. Why sugar coat it and give them false expectations of what real life is all about. I think people choose to get married and have the attitude of "oh well, if it works great, if not, no harm no foul." What a shame. In my book, that is a slacker attitude about life.

(from TERMINATED: Arnold and Maria Split)
Love and Marriage

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Love and Marriage

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Love and Marriage

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