Saturday, June 03, 2023
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momof3 says:

I agree that our public servants are HEROES. Hopefully, they run for office for the noblest of reasons, like Gabby Giffords. But, what I realize is that there are heroes among us, too. Unsung heroes that are willing to rush to the aid of our loved ones, neighbors and strangers. It makes me very proud of who we are as Americans. We have seen so much ugliness in the past few years, it is humbling and inspiring to see so much goodness, too. We ALL need to take responsibility for our words/actions and start behaving like grown ups, so we don't need a babysitter! We are so lucky to have a government that works for us – it's not perfect, but we elect people to serve the people. It really is amazing when you compare to other systems around the world.

(from FEEL GOOD: Heroes Save The Day)

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