Friday, March 24, 2023
Gay Rights
This is a forum to discuss GAY RIGHTS in a constructive way.  Please share your opinions, and links to other resources, to help us figure out this important "hot button" issue.

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michelleo-mama says:

Our children are gay, our sisters and brothers are gay and our neighbors are gay…it is the reality of our American family. So, if our soldiers are gay and willing to fight and die for our freedoms, I think we should fight for theirs. "We are the land of the FREE because we are the home of the brave." I'm glad that we had brave military commanders, directors and politicians stand up and put an end to this discriminatory law. I am proud that our country can correct it's errors and continue to move forward perfecting our nation and our ideals.

(from MOMENT OF TRUTH: DADT Repeal Passes)
Gay Rights

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