Conversations on Early Childhood Teacher Education : Book Review For Moms

By: Andrew Gibbons and Colin Gibbs

Review from www.childcareexchange.com

“This book captures, shares, and sparks the continuation of conversations initiated at the inaugural Working Forum for Teacher Educators in Auckland, New Zealand. Vibrant, challenging, and inspiring conversations at the Working Forum have led to the bringing together of this book with the intention of continuing professional dialogues and of adding voices to the growing global commitment to early childhood teacher education.

The Working Forum for Teacher Educators began conversations with a wealth of experienced voices from around the world. What better place to start the conversations than with the tapestry of voices, thoughts, and experiences that came together on these days. This book is for all student teachers, teacher educators, and early childhood professionals who choose to share in, and continue, these inspiring conversations within their own early childhood experiences and settings.”

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