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Ha – hang in there MAMA! Oklahoma needs a few more reasonable voices. (-:

(from POWERLESS: A California Voter Rooting For Romney)
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OH WHAT A RELIEF IT IS: Mitt Enters The Race

Shortly after the debate began, I had the following exchange via text with a friend: Me: “Mitt is killing it! Specific, strong, pointed…very well prepared!”  My Friend: “Be quiet and watch.”  (Yeah, right! “Quiet” wasn’t gonna happen, I was fired up. So I shot back..) Me: “Obama looks condescending? Tired? Angry? Not sure…but he didn’t ... Read more

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OCTOBER 2012 KID-Os CHANGING THE WORLD: Kind Duo Lauren Parsekian and Molly Thompson

We’d like to think that most kids are naturally “kind,” but we know bullying is a problem in our society.   We found two gals who identified this problem, but did not accept that bullying was the “common ground” for girls’ relationships.  They went out in search of examples of kindness and mutual respect, and are ...

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MILESTONE: Rebuilding Ground Zero

Today, One World Trade Center became the tallest building in New York City when the scaffolding for the structure, which will replace the twin towers, surpassed the height of the Empire State building. When completed, One World Trade will measure 1,776 feet. This is an amazing documentary about the people who are rebuilding Ground Zero after 9/11 – grab ... Read more

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MAY 2012 KID-O: Zach Wahls Zach is our KID-O of the month because he is changing the world by putting GAY MARRIAGE in the context of millions of kids with same-sex parents.  Zach has become the face of “a child of a same sex couple.” Zach Wahls is all about family. He’s sorta your average ...

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HOT MAMA: Dancing The Night Away

MAY 2012 HOT MAMA:  Betsy Crapps & Her Mom Prom Leave it to MAMAs to take Girls Night Out to a new level! It’s Prom time again….not for the teenie boppers…for MAMAs! Imagine your best pals suggesting you get out your old prom dress from….umpteen years ago, squeeze into it, and go out dancing.  Yeah, the ...

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PASS IT DOWN: The Jewish Holiday Of Passover

In case you didn’t know, Passover is one of the most important of all Jewish holidays.  Why?  This Jewish holy day honors the Exodus of the Israelites from Egypt after they were freed from slavery.  Hooray!  The Old Testament says that God was to exact a tenth plague upon the land by killing everyone’s first born sons, ... Read more

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TAKE TWO ASPIRIN: Healthcare Law Goes To Supreme Court

Originally Posted 2/4/11: Does your head hurt?  If so, take two aspirin because here we go again…and it’s nearly impossible to follow all of the healthcare ups and downs. Didn’t we already finish with this mess? Not everyone was happy, but at least is was kind of over. Now, all we care about is if my ... Read more

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SHOOT FIRST, ASK QUESTIONS LATER: Teen Killed By Neighborhood Watcher

How many of our kids wear hoodies in the rain?  How many of our kids get shot because they are wearing hoodies in the rain?  Well, at least one…this week.  America is scratching its collective head over the shooting of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin.  The Florida teen was walking back to a friend’s house with a bag ... Read more

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“Between A Rock & A Hard Place”: Opinionated MAMA’s Perspective On The WARS

UPDATE March 19, 2012:  Army staff sergeant and father of two, Robert Bales, has been identified as the man who allegedly carried out a nighttime attack on two Afghan villages, killing 16 civllians, including 9 children. Bales has served four tours of duty in Iraq and Afghanistan, during which he suffered a brain injury and partial ... Read more

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