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HA – totally agree! Sounds like you have the best kind of LOVE. xox

(from “Redefining Romance”: Opinionated MAMA’s Practical Perspective on VALENTINE’S DAY)

DOUBLE MEANING: Celebrate Easter and Spring

Easter is a Christian holiday that like most is mixed with ‘pagan’ ritual and celebration.  Pagan rituals were adapted around important Christian celebrations. Even the word Easter comes from the Anglo-Saxon goddess of spring, “Eostre.”  Today, Christians celebrate the Resurrection of Jesus Christ on Easter, but most Americans also celebrate the spirit of spring and renewal. ... Read more

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September 2013 Hot MAMA: Tracy Beckerman

Tracy Beckerman is Cool In Suburbia. Our Hot-MAMA this month is bringing funny to the burbs.  Her popular blog, syndicated humor column and latest book, “Lost in Suburbia” is for “any mom who is trying to hold onto just a bit of her former COOL pre-mom self.” A sense of humor helps all moms keep ...

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O-MAMA Radio

O-MAMA ON THE RADIO: God, Gays, Guns and Government

Holy Toledo – we are talking about God, gays, guns and our dysfunctional government, oh my!  Grab some coffee and join us for kitchen table talk – click here to listen to today’s RADIO show. – Deb & Michelle

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Love and Marriage

THE STATE OF OUR UNION: Opinionated MAMA’s Perspective on “Keeping It Together”

When the honeymoon is over and the day-to-day grind of real life begins, it takes a lot of hard work to create a healthy, happy…more perfect…union. Whether we are talking about the state of our country or the state of our own marriage and family, the message is the same. We need to take time ... Read more

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“Save Your Silver Bullets”: Opinionated MAMA’s Perspective on GUN SAFETY

Reposted from January 24, 2011: “Bang! Bang! You’re dead.” It’s all fun and games, right? We can’t stop our kids from shooting things…I tried, my son turned a banana into a gun.  But, as a mother, I can make sure he doesn’t point his banana at anyone.  That’s the rule in our house.  Why?  We ... Read more

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VIDEO: “With Freedom Comes Responsibility”

Opinionated MAMAs, Michelle Tingler and Debbie Devine, are friends, moms and political opposites who discuss the news & events of the day from a mom’s perspective. The O-MAMAs use parenting strategies, instead of politics, to discuss the social and political issues of our time – with a little humor and a lot of common sense. ... Read more

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DECEMBER 2012 HOT MAMA: Peace Builder Michelle Molina

Everyone’s one wish is for “world peace,” but few of us put that desire into action.  Michelle Molina is our hot mama because she’s committed to acting on that desire through her organization PeacePartners.  Michelle is an educator who developed PeaceBuilders, a violence prevention curriculum which aims to create safe, positive learning environments in places where violence and bullying ...

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DECEMBER 2012 KID-O CHANGING THE WORLD: Politi-Kid Connor Brantley

Connor Brantley is changing the world by changing the face of politics, although, he’s more likely to be using pimple cream than shaving cream on his! This 14-year-old spicy Texan founded “United Now,” a political group with the goal of, “ending the partisan divide and showing that you are never too young to be involved ...

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O-MAMA’s Tips For Faking The “Perfect” Family” Holiday

Faking the perfect family takes years of practice, so MAMAs don’t put too much pressure on yourselves for perfecting it immediately.  With one major holiday down, here are some tips that can give us a head start on the next one! 1. The perfect family photo/holiday card Really? Why do we pick out matching clothes for ... Read more

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ELECTION HANGOVER: Obama Wins, Waiting On Florida

Michelle and Deb are tired.  Michelle is elated, Deb is deflated.  Life goes on.  What lessons can be learned from this election cycle, MAMAs?  Now that the country has sobered up, how does our country move forward together from here?

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