Saturday, June 03, 2023


We proudly provide a platform for America’s moms to be “the voice of reason” in our nation’s most important conversations. O-MAMA is our passion project.  We’re friends from opposite ends of the political spectrum who find common ground through our “mommy governing” styles and we thought, “hey – if all moms could be part of the discussion, we’d solve a lot of problems.” The idea for O-MAMA was born.

O-MAMA’s mission is to engage America’s moms in our country’s most important conversations by using parenting analogies, instead of politics as usual, to discuss the news & events of the day.

We believe Opinionated MAMAs can be a constructive voice in getting to the heart of the social and political issues of our time. O-MAMA is determined to change the tone of our nation’s debates with a little humor and a lot of common sense. Together, America’s moms can tap into our unique experience honed in motherhood to help our country tackle topics we can no longer avoid and teach our kids lessons we can no longer ignore – and, yes, remind the grown ups, too!

Regardless of race, religion, region, political affiliation or sexual orientation,O-MAMA supports all moms in the hard work of raising kids.  We have the most important job there is – our kids are the future, and America’s moms are literally shaping the future of our country, one child at a time.

Our kids are the next generation of Americans…they are the future bankers and baseball players, teachers and technicians, police officers and policy makers, artists and astronauts, scientists and social workers…among them are the next Presidents, Wall Street wizards, Nobel Peace Prize winners, explorers, soldiers, mothers…our kids are going to change the world. And, since Opinionated MAMAs influence the kind of people – and citizens – they will become, then we must work together to raise happy, healthy, well-adjusted kids that grow up to be respectful, responsible, productive citizens. No pressure MAMAS – but, CHANGE BEGINS AT HOME and it starts with YOU!

If you are an Opinionated MAMA, then your kids and your country need to hear from YOU!