WAR: “Let’s Go Home” Cartoon

“Mission Accomplished”

Moms know how hard it is to move our own troops here and there, labeling all their equipment and schlepping it around…imagine moving 90,000 soldiers, hundreds of tanks, and everything from helicopters to printer cartridges?!  This week, the last U.S. combat brigade left Iraq – changing our mission from active combat (Operation Iraqi Freedom) to a “civil stability” mission (Operation New Dawn).  Our mission in the USA now becomes Operation WELCOME HOME!!!The responsibility for our nation’s efforts in Iraq will now transfer from the Department of Defense to the Department of State, from a war operation to a diplomacy operation.  The United States will still have 50,000 troops in Iraq for another year to support and advise Iraqi forces during their transition.Our responsibility, as our nations MAMAS, is to make sure our soldiers (our kids, spouses, neighbors, strangers) are welcomed back with open arms…let our soldiers know that they are HOME.  Regardless of how you feel about the Iraq war, let our veterans and their families know that you value their service to our country…hire veterans, donate your time to veterans organizations, have your kids send letters to a base, find a way to make their transition “home sweet home” as smooth as possible.

Please share your opinions on the teachable MOMents from the news of the day…no marching required! (-:

Change begins at home.™

-Michelle & Deb

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