POLITICS: “Pinky Promise” Cartoon


“A Promise Is A Promise”

Congress went back to work this week with the Republican majority in the House pledging this and that this session. We’re used to politicians making promises to the American people all of the time – some they keep and some they don’t. (And, depending on who you voted for, you might hope they will or hope they won’t!)

But, one thing we know for sure is that MAMAs know when we make a promise to our kids, we have to keep it, otherwise we lose our cred.  So, just for fun, we created a pledge that Democratic, Independent and Republican MAMAs alike can rally around – take our Pledge to America’s Kids and make a pinky swear promise to “usher in a new era of [parental] responsibility”:

This document verifies that I pinky swear promise to do my very  best to “usher in a new era of parental responsibility.” I admit  that I am good, but I am not perfect, so I reserve the right  to…(click to read & sign)

Our kids, and our country, need Opinionated MAMAs to stay engaged in our country’s most important conversations. Thanks MAMAs.

Change begins at home™…and it starts with Opinionated MAMAs!

- Michelle & Deb

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