HEALTH: “UNhealthy Debate” Cartoon

“Let Me Make It Better!” 

MAMAs know a little something-something about healthcare…it’s called kissing boo boos and having a pack of Band-aids in your purse at all times! On January 1, 2014, President Obama’s sweeping healthcare reforms will fully take affect (some parts, like acceptance of pre-existing conditions, allowing kids to stay on parents’ plan until they are 26, etc. have already happened and the online “exchanges” are what happens in October), but whether or not it was the right medicine for the country is still under consultation. Of course, some think it went too far, some think it didn’t go far enough and then there are those who still don’t know what changed? So, we’re about to get a second opinion from the American people as it is implemented.

Let us know if you are feeling some relief from the new law, “sick and tired” of all the confusing rhetoric or just need some “r&r” from the topic altogether. We can’t just kiss this one better…it requires our politicians to “operate” together for the health and well-being of our country and our families!

Change begins at home.™

-Michelle & Deb

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