Love and Marriage


Spring is in the air.  The birds and the bees are flitting around doing their thing…nature abounds.  The birds are feathering their nests and laying their eggs, while the bees are busy pollinating every flower in the garden.  The air is crisp and clean.  Chirping and buzzing fills the air.

Everything seems fresh and new.  So, let’s take a new look at Spring, shall we? The first thing that comes to mind is cleaning. Ugggh.  But, let’s talk about the birds and the bees instead…the part of the story that happens next…after everyone does “it” and you have a nest and some chicks.  A mommy bird’s perspective, so to speak.

If birds do all the feathering and bees do all the buzzing around town, the birds get tired of sitting on our eggs all day.  We are constantly fluffing the nest…cleaning it, stocking it, maintaining it…and taking care of the chicks…feeding them, getting them out of the house, schlepping to and fro, doing homework, bathing and getting the chicks to bed.  It’s exhausting being the MAMA bird.

Hopefully, the bees are off making the honey.  If so, they are busy working hard, for sure.  But, they seem so fancy free just buzzing in and out.  They leave, buzz around town, meet with other bees, exchange jokes in cyber space (tip: don’t copy us on them and we won’t picture you in your swivel chair chuckling all day), have lunch with other grown up bees, play basketball after work and get back to the hive in time for dinner.  The perception is that bees just have more fun.

Don’t get us wrong, we love being the MAMA bird.  There are so many MOMents that MAMA birds enjoy that bees miss.  But, we’d love to switch it up once in awhile.  We wish we could be the bee for a day.  Or, more apt, that our  husbands would do some nesting once in awhile, so we could just be.  We miss the freedom bees have…and just need a little break to buzz around sometimes.  Not much, just an afternoon or an indulgent hour to do something frivolous and fun.  Pick up a magazine.  Take a walk.  Grab a coffee.  Just sit.  Nothing wild and crazy.  Just a moment by ourselves.

So, our fellas should know that unless we have some time to just “be” ourselves, then we won’t want them flitting around us at the end of the day.  They need to put their stinger away and start cooing a little, or they’ll ruffle our feathers.  We are emotionally and physically drained at the end of the day, so we want a little peck and some help around the nest.  Not to be a buzz kill, but that way, we’ll have more time and energy to do some more pecking later!  Get it?

So, some advice for our guys who’d like a little Spring fling…make sure the kids get their homework done.  Tweet.  Help with the dishes.  Tweet tweet.  Help get the chicks to bed.  Tweet tweet tweet.  A little birdie is telling you that if you want a sweet song, start by cleaning out the garage!?  Aaahhh, spring time around the yard.  Love is in the air.

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