September 2013 Hot MAMA: Tracy Beckerman

Tracy Beckerman is Cool In Suburbia.

Our Hot-MAMA this month is bringing funny to the burbs.  Her popular blog, syndicated humor column and latest book, “Lost in Suburbia” is for “any mom who is trying to hold onto just a bit of her former COOL pre-mom self.”

A sense of humor helps all moms keep it together through the ups and downs of daily life-especially for previously cool moms.  Tracy says, “I was Uber cool before I had kids. Definitely a 10. I lived in NYC, was a TV producer, shopped sample sales, and had a really cool hair cut.  After the kids were born, I quit my job, moved to the ‘burbs, grew my hair out, pulled it back in a scrunchie, and shopped garage sales.  At that point, I was a 1.  Now my kids are teenagers, I write a humor column and I cut my hair short again.  I still shop garage sales, though. Now I’d have to say I’m about a 5.”  Her kids seem to agree that she’s not super cool, but cool enough…for a mom.  Her son describes her as, “Insane… in a good way.” Tracy’s, ”not sure how you can be good insane, but I’d rather be that than ordinary.”

We all have our funny MOMents, and Tracy is no exception.  She told us about the time she was driving her kids to school (she drives an SUV, because minivans,” look like a pregnant woman giving birth when the doors open and all the kids pile out”) and was pulled over by the police.  The ticket he wrote her wasn’t funny, what WAS funny was that she was driving her kids to school in her bathrobe!  “I told the cop I didn’t think he should ticket me for making the illegal left turn, but I definitely deserved a ticket for driving in an ugly bathrobe.”

Tracy’s “Momoir,” she says, is the story of “how I got pregnant, moved to the ‘burbs, lost my way, and got my cool back,” says Tracy.  ”I’m really excited about this book because it tackles the issue of losing my identity after I stopped working and had kids, and how I built a new ‘me’ from there.  It’s written in a really funny way and I think a lot of other women will be able to relate to my experience!”  Indeed!  We loved it and recommend it for all the MAMAs out there with Cheerios at the bottom of your purse/tote bag (because you carry around too much crap to have a cute purse).

Tracy obviously learned a lot from her MAMA, but the most important lesson she thinks was that, “you have to make time to nurture yourself… your creativity and your desires… so you feel good about yourself and the job you are doing raising your kids.”  We agree! Tracy is raising her kids with a little humor and a lot of common sense…and is helping the rest of us laugh at ourselves along the way.  That makes her sizzling HOT!  (Well, that and her ducky bathrobe!)

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