DECEMBER 2012 HOT MAMA: Peace Builder Michelle Molina

Everyone’s one wish is for “world peace,” but few of us put that desire into action.  Michelle Molina is our hot mama because she’s committed to acting on that desire through her organization PeacePartners.  Michelle is an educator who developed PeaceBuilders, a violence prevention curriculum which aims to create safe, positive learning environments in places where violence and bullying are the norm.

The individuals in any community hold the key to bringing peace.  It has to come from everyone in that community and be passed from person to person.

PeaceBuilders gives parents, schools and communities the tools to deliver a consistent message to children which reinforces their positive behavior.   Once these positive behaviors become habit, they lead to a healthy lifestyle which significantly reduces aggression and violence.  Molina believes in a non-traditional view of peace that, “we need not fear conflict, confrontation and chaos as long as we enter into them knowing our goal is a peaceful resolution.”  Positive behavior, “can transform any environment into one which is cooperative, productive and academically successful.”

Michelle’s trainers go into schools and communities and teach their methodology with amazing results.  According to one PeaceBuilder’s teacher, “With all of our students’ enthusiasm, the most touching events are the daily acts of kindness—picking books up for a fellow student who has dropped them, helping a fellow student in need, comforting a fellow student in pain—that, while they occur every day, everywhere in the world, are recognized here as fitting into the larger, positive framework that is the PeaceBuilders movement.”

Michelle’s work goes beyond educational tools to fight violence, as PeaceBuilders worked with California legislators on four anti-bullying policies, three of which have been passed.   The kids who live in the communities where PeaceBuilders are at work are profoundly effected by its influence.   A high school student in Minnesota says, “PeaceBuilders are similar to the domino effect. When one person decides to either stand up for his or herself, or even for someone else, it inspires others to do the same. Or if they decide not to make fun of someone, others will follow. PeaceBuilders are the ones making the differences everyday, they are the heroes.”  Madison, a sixth grader says, “The most helpful thing about PeaceBuilders is there’s not bullying here.”

Michelle Molina has created a movement for change that is spreading across the country and getting us closer to the  “world peace” we all desire, and that makes her “hot.”

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