DECEMBER 2012 KID-O CHANGING THE WORLD: Politi-Kid Connor Brantley

Connor Brantley is changing the world by changing the face of politics, although, he’s more likely to be using pimple cream than shaving cream on his!

This 14-year-old spicy Texan founded “United Now,” a political group with the goal of, “ending the partisan divide and showing that you are never too young to be involved in our political system.” Even more impressive since Connor has four years to wait before he can even vote?!

He wants politicians to focus on the people, instead of politics.  He says, “Washington is playing a game that the American people just don’t want to play…they are looking towards the next election, instead of trying to find common ground.”  He wants to remind those in Washington that we elected them and they work for us.

“United Now” even has a pledge that Congressmen and women and Senators can sign saying they will:

• Pledge to work in a bi-partisan manner in order to best serve my constituents

• Will debate and disagree in a respectful and civil manner

• Will look at every side of an issue before making a decision

• Put the interests of the people ahead of party

• Will work to restore the trust of the American people

Politicians need to work together, even post-election. We salute this KID-O who is trying to change the world, one politician at a time!

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