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ENOUGH ALREADY: Debate Dissage

“To diss” is not really a verb, but it’s some iteration of “dismissed,” I think.   If you “diss” someone or something, you are ignoring them or putting them down.   So, moms, when your kid says, “she dissed me, “ it’s bad.

My family learned lots about dissing during the debate last night.  It’s great when kids learn by example, huh?  Candy Crowley dissed Mitt.  Mitt dissed Obama and Obama dissed him back.  They all dissed the rules of the debate.

The truth got dissed.  Both candidates fibbed a bit.  I’d say, there were even outright lies told. (Especially by one guy!) We kind of accept that as normal now.  After all, it’s politics, right?

At one point, someone in the room said, “he’s not answering the question.”  I think political consultants call that “pivoting,” normal people call that “dissing.”

However, it did make for compelling television.  A have to admit that I was so carried away at lasciviously watching the fisticuffs that when the kids were asking, “why are they doing that?”, “ is it bad that he’s saying that?”, “is that the truth?”, I didn’t really answer.  Yep, I kinda “dissed” them.  Lesson learned!

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