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RULE BREAKER: Mitt Romney Writes His Own Rules

We tell our kids to tell the truth and follow the rules.  Last week, when Mitt Romney distorted the truth multiple times and created his own rules for debate etiquette, Mitt was still declared the “winner”?! I wouldn’t allow my kids to behave that way without consequence, so why should Mitt?

This week, the President showed up to the debate sandbox and didn’t let Mitt get away with all the dirt throwing and neither did the moderator.  Candy Crowley pushed back when Mitt tried to re-write the debate rules and called him out on national TV when he was factually wrong, but Mitt didn’t really listen and neither has the right-wing pundit world.  He was disrespectful to the moderator and to the President and Mitt’s handlers and supporters have the audacity to whine about how poor Mitt was treated?

Mitt Romney gave himself permission to “sshhh” the President of the United States and tell the Leader of the Free World to “wait your turn.” Where is the outrage for disrespecting the highest Office in the land?

Mitt didn’t get the mommy memo.  The rules do apply to him. This is not just about last night’s debate, when my 13 year old said, “Mom, why is Mitt Romney breaking the debate rules?” (There was a moment when Mitt addressed the President directly and then went on to exceed his allotted time limit and threw all the agreed terms out the window.)  This is about a pattern of behavior – this man believes he is entitled to his own set of rules.

•          Mitt Romney has unabashedly rewritten his own policies (aka, flip flopped in every direction on every issue).  He has said one thing to Massachusetts voters, another to the republican primary electorate, more revealing rhetoric behind closed doors to donors and is trying to shift yet again to sell himself as an acceptable candidate to the national electorate on everything from women’s health care to tax policy.  He is making it up as he goes along and it’s working for him?!  That is not a good example for my kids or helpful to my country.

•          Mitt Romney helped write the rules on outsourcing and coached other companies to do the same.  Now, he hypocritically talks smack about cracking down on China.  What?!  That is not a good example for my kids or helpful to my country.

•          Mitt Romney’s company, Bain Capital, lobbied to influence the tax laws that allow him to pay a lower rate than the rest of us and stash his money overseas.  Why should we trust him to reform the tax code to benefit the rest of us?  That is not a good example for my kids or helpful to my country.

Mitt Romney tells us we do not have the right to know what is in his tax plan that affects our lives.  He insinuates that we do not have the right to know how his business philosophies would apply to his governing philosophies. Mitt Romney won’t stand up for equal pay for women or control over our own bodies.   Mitt Romney said he wants Roe v. Wade to be overturned and that he supported the Blunt Amendment allowing employers to determine if women should receive birth control coverage, not their doctors (not to mention the multiple bills Paul Ryan has co-sponsored that are just scary regarding women’s health).  Yet, there is no discussion over insurance coverage for Viagra – why?

This man epitomizes the reason why we don’t trust each other or our national institutions any more – there is a different set of rules for people like Mitt…  and, he wants it to stay that way.  It is unacceptable behavior from anyone, especially someone trying to represent 100% of America.

MOMism:  “The ends do not justify the means.”  You are not a winner if you distort and contort your way to victory.  We teach our kids that success is standing up for what you believe, making progress, moving forward, trying your best – sometimes failing, but always learning from your mistakes and trying again.  It is about the lives you have positively impacted.  The good things you have done and have yet to do.  What you say when you think no one is listening.  What you do when it matters.  What you stand for and what you stand up for.  We teach our kids that there is a right way and a wrong way.  In the end, it’s about principles.  So, that’s why I told my daughter I was voting for Barack Obama.

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