Go For The Gold: HOT Olympic MAMAs

HOT Olympic MAMAs

During the London Olympic games we’d like to celebrate the 13 US Olympic athletes who are moms!  (Thank you Title IX!)

Talk about doing it all?!  Some of us are just happy to squeeze in a work out here or there, so we’re gonna give them a shout out, to make sure you know some of the HOT MAMAs to watch during the games:

Christina Rampone- Team USA Soccer and mom of two

Kerri Walsh- Team USA Volleyball and mom of two

LaShinda Demus- Team USA Track and Field and mom of twins

Amy Acuff- Team USA Track and Field and mom of one

Aretha Thurmond- Team USA Track and Field and mom of one

Paula Radcliff- Team USA Marathon and mom of two

Lots is being made of the moms behind the Olympic athletes, and, no doubt MAMAs from all over the world have sacrificed so much to help their little ones become super athletes.  We drive them to every practice, buy their equipment, feed their bodies and spirits and cheer them on through victory and defeat. Whether you are an Olympic athlete yourself, raised an Olympian or a KID-O with an Olympic sized spirit, you deserve a GOLD MEDAL.  We are all very PROUD MAMAs. Go TEAM USA!

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