HALF-BAKED: Is Tan Mom Toast?

Remember the 80’s when we’d slather on Hawaiian Tropic, lie on a sheet of aluminum and bake until bronzed?  Of course, that was before we knew about the hole in the ozone layer and melanomas.   We all feel a little better with some color, but fake n bake is not okay-the Mayo Clinic says so!

New Jersey MAMA, Patricia Krentcil, has earned the title “Tan Mom,” because she’s clearly a tan-addict who allegedly took her 5-year-old to a tanning bed.  She was arrested and faces up to 10-years in prison for child endangerment.  Krentcil says that nay sayers are “fat,” “ugly and “jealous.”  SNL and Jimmy Kimmel are spoofing her, but this MAMA could be toast.

MOMism: “Less is more.”  Take a look at the pictures of this gal…they say it all.  Sometimes there is a disconnect between how others see us and how we see ourselves – and the gap has everything to do with how we feel about ourselves.  No amount of tan or thin or external perfect can cover up bad self-esteem.  We need to let our kids know that by making the inside beautiful, the outside will follow.  And MAMAS should never project our bad self onto our kids…no matter how much we want to live vicariously through them, or see ourselves in them, they must define their own beautiful selves and deal with their own insecurities, not ours.

Some of us slather our kids with SPF 80 every day – but there is a happy medium somewhere between putting our kids in a protective bubble and taking them to the tanning salon. Hats, sunscreen, monitoring how much time our kids are in the sun are on most mom’s minds every day because we know it will reduce their chances of melanoma in the future.

So, if the allegations are true, do you think Tan Mom should “fry” for up to 10 years in prison?  Should she get “life” without tanning beds?  Or, should she plead insanity and get some psychological help?  What’s your take on this bake off MAMAs?

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