HOT MAMA: Dancing The Night Away

MAY 2012 HOT MAMA:  Betsy Crapps & Her Mom Prom

Leave it to MAMAs to take Girls Night Out to a new level!

It’s Prom time again….not for the teenie boppers…for MAMAs! Imagine your best pals suggesting you get out your old prom dress from….umpteen years ago, squeeze into it, and go out dancing.  Yeah, the only way a middle aged woman would do something like that, even for a friend, is if it was for charity. That’s what Mom Prom is all about…disco balls, 80’s couture and raising money for a worthy cause.  Mom Proms are being held across the country from mid-April through June again this year, all because one hot MAMA pulled her prom dress out of moth balls seven years ago!

MAMA Betsy Crapps…called on her pals to relive prom to benefit a worthy cause.   It all started when she wore her senior prom gown to an Academy Award’s party which sparked her friends to hold a prom dress party, so they could revive their old frocks as well.  Betsy held the “dance” at a gym, and charged each gal $10 which she gave to charity.  When the local Detroit paper picked up the story and wrote that she’d found a way to “put ghastly gowns to good use,” a light bulb went off, and the prom idea was born.

Now the annual held event called “The Mom Prom” has grown in scale and is a national phenomenon.  Each April 29th, women across the country ”have an excuse to wear a poofy gown, and hold their own versions of Mom Prom,” according to Betsy.  She says, “women can just get a group together to have a big party and dance or…even to go out to dinner and then match the money they spend on the evening and donate it to charity. Just congregate and have fun!”

Betsy says her favorite part about the project is “the emails I receive from Alaska to Japan about why these women want to raise money.  Like this woman whose brother committed suicide wants to raise money for suicide prevention.  Letter after letter…it’s a sisterhood.  As moms, our whole occupation is to care for others, this is just on a grander scale.”  The event has raised thousands of dollars for cancer research and other causes over the years.

The Mom Prom mission is clear and simple, ”We’re changing the world, ladies, one prom at a time.”  So, if you want to have some fun for a good cause, grab an old frock and dance the night away!  Go MAMAs!

Click here to find out more about Mom Prom!

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