LOVE CONQUERS ALL: The History of St. Valentine’s Day

We love love.  We love Valentine’s Day.  But who is this Valentine person and how’d he get a day?  The story, MAMAs, is one for the ages…tell your KID-Os.

In Rome 270 A.D., the Emperor Claudius II, outlawed marriage.  Yes, outlawed it- because he was having trouble getting married men to go off to war because they didn’t want to leave their families (duh?!).   The rebel Christian bishop, Valentine, not only disagreed with Claudius’ decree, but actively defied it.  He secretly married couples anyway.  So, romantic!

Eventually, though, Claudius found out about Valentine, captured him and sentenced him to death.  While in prison, many came to visit the bishop, including the jailor’s blind daughter.  You guessed it.  Valentine fell in love with the girl and, on the day of his execution, February 14th, left her a note.  A love note.  The note was singed, “Love, your Valentine.” Incidentally, legend has it that his love was so strong for the girl, that a miracle occurred and she regained her sight.

The lesson….pretty obvious…”love conquers all.  War, evil Roman emperors, and even blindness.   ‘Nuff said.

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