GROUNDHOG DAY AGAIN: Phil Says More Winter

Punxsutwaney Phil saw his shadow…you know what that means?  Six more weeks of winter!  Oh well…not too bad of a winter at that…we can deal! But why has our winter been so mild? What’s the deal, MAMAs?

Is the globe is warming?  Enquiring minds want to know!  Sure, we know there is a difference between “weather” and the “climate”:

•  weather is short-term; what is happening outside from minute to minute

•  climate is the normal trend; what is it usually like where you are – mild, seasonal, rainy, etc.

Most scientists believe that the climate of the Earth is changing and getting warmer.  The warmer climate is creating warmer water.  Warmer water creates more precipitation – more rain, more snow.  The theory being that climate change is causing more intense weather.

The lesson for today might be bundle up, stay warm and make some hot cocoa and shrinky dinks!  But, there are skeptics about climate change because it’s hard to see the climate changing…it’s much easier to see weather.  So, probably “seeing is believing” explains it best.  Not until climate change impacts our immediate lives will we really believe that it matters…but, then what?  Sometimes the most powerful things in our lives, we can’t see – in some ways it’s like the belief in a higher power, sometimes ya gotta go on what you want to believe, because the alternative is too scary. Let us know your opinions MAMAs!

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