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POLITICAL BUILD-A-BEAR: Create Your Own GOP Candidate

The GOP field is not quite doing it for me…58% of GOP primary voters agree with me and want another candidate to enter the race?! And, I find myself imagining if I could create my very own candidate – what would he/she be like? I do like a little something-something from most of them, but none of them are the complete package.  So, want to play with me?  My ideal candidate would have…

•            Mitt’s looks

•            Jon’s brain & self-discipline

•            Herman’s personality

•            Newt’s balls & bravado

•            Rick’s (Santorum) middle class work ethic

•            Rick’s (Perry) charm

•            Ron’s passionate following

Today, what we are left with is a choice between Mitt’s looks, Newt’s balls, Rick’s work ethic and Ron’s passion. So, what’s your opinion MAMAS?  Who is the most electable?  And, p.s., how would YOU create your perfect candidate?

MOMism:  ”If you build it, they will come.”  If only we had a thoughtful, conservative candidate with common sense and big ideas to move our country forward, then people would turn out in droves to VOTE GOP.

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