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HAS MITT LOST HIS SH*&!?: Who Is Our GOP Candidate?

The GOP really needs a candidate.  A candidate that can win.  We thought Mitt was it, but Mitt has lost his shit.  Not his mind, really, just his ju ju.

How can Romney be trailing Santorum in MICHIGAN, two weeks before the primary there?  Mitt who has American cars in his blood?  Why aren’t Michigander’s buying his perspective?  Is it the so-called “flip flopping” on abortion or healthcare? Some in Detroit are saying that he is out of touch with the economic recovery they can “see” there, when he writes that the government bailouts of the auto industry were bad.

Mitt is smart and capable, but comes across as out of touch in general.  He’s not a “normal” guy.  He shouldn’t try to be a “normal guy.”  We want the president to be exceptional, but accessible at the same time.

Rick Santorum is socially very conservative, which scares some people.  However, he is intelligent and experienced-exceptional.   He has done very well in the debates, frequently demonstrating more passion and erudition than Romney.   Santorum is gaining popularity, though, because he has the courage of his convictions, and people like that.  In politics it’s rare to find someone who will go to the mat for personal beliefs that might not be politically expeditious.  He is “real” and that makes him accessible.

In the end, it’s not about Mitt being super wealthy, as much as the press would like to make it about that.  It’s not about Santorum wanting to outlaw birth control, as much as the press would like to make it about that.  It’s about people feeling comfortable with the “man.”  We want to know who he is and what he stands for, and we don’t much care if we agree with ALL of what that is, we just want to know that he stands for something.   The nominee will be the man who we feel like we can follow-but we’ve got to know that HE knows where he’s going!

The immediate problem is- we really need a candidate.  A candidate that can beat Obama.  So, now what, MAMAs?

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