RAUCUS CAUCUS: Rick N Romney Tie In Iowa Caucus

Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum tied in the Iowa caucus (technically Romney won by 8 votes), proving that there is no set formula for effective political campaigning state to state.  Romney spent a boatload of money in Iowa, while Santorum saved his bucks and rode around in a pick up truck glad handing Iowans and winning them over.  Old school retail politics.  Ron Paul finished a close third.  Newt is re-booting, and has promised to “take the gloves off” and go after Mitt, after finishing fourth. Fifth place, Rick Perry is taking time to “re-assess.”  Bachmann has dropped out of the race.  So, what does this really mean?!  No one knows for sure – sometimes predictive of the nominee and sometimes not?!  It’s just the beginning of the primary process, so take it all with a grain of corn MAMAS…next stop, New Hampshire on January 10th.

MOMism: “Every vote counts.”  Literally!  This is a close race and the candidates are counting on every vote.  The way the candidates are vying for support is the most interesting part of the story.   Sometimes all people need is for a candidate to look them in the eye and tell them face to face what they believe in – making a real connection with someone.  Big money and negative ads reach a lot of people, but may not resonate with voters.  It’s just like with our kids.  They are all different. Giving them a fancy outing or gift isn’t as important to their future as spending quality time, doing something meaningful and really engaging in their lives. Making sure they feel something authentic – knowing it makes a difference.

In this close race where every vote counts, it will be interesting to see which approach gets the job done!  How do you think the candidates will do?  Let us know your opinion MAMAS.

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