JANUARY 2012 HOT MAMA: Global Soccer Mom, Shayne Moore

We’ve found another O-MAMA!  Shayne Moore is a soccer mom who is making a difference by getting out of her suburban American comfort zone and taking her “mom heart” global. We interviewed her on our radio show and she is one smart and motivated MAMA!   She knows that, “real change happens right where we are.”

Inspired by a speech she heard Bono give in her hometown about pandemic AIDS in Africa, Shayne began to get involved with the ONE campaign, and has since travelled to Africa, Honduras, Russia and the G8 Summit as an advocate to fight poverty and AIDS.  Shayne says, “I see a new kind of global women’s movement much bigger than simply raising money for favorite causes…women are expressing their broken hearts for the world, the desire to get involved in a meaningful way.”

“The world is getting smaller” every day and what happens in another country does affect us, and our families, one way or another.  Shayne has written an inspirational book of stories about her journey, “Global Soccer Mom Changing the World is Easier than You Think.”  Her website, www.ShayneMoore.com has easy ideas for ways “ordinary” moms to become “global soccer moms,” too.

Shayne is anything but ordinary.  O-MAMA’s know that each of us does extraordinary things out of love and devotion to raise our kids and shape the future of our country, and the world, every day.  Together, we can be ONE powerful voice for mothers and families everywhere.  Thanks Shayne – you’ve set an amazing GOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAALLLLLL for all of us!

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