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PUNKY MOM: Soleil Moon Frye’s Happy Chaos

We are pretty cool MAMAs, who are not easily “star struck,” but we kind of lost it a bit when we got to talk to Punky Brewster on the phone.  Yes, we had a little chit chat with Soleil Moon Frye herself about herwebsite and her book “Happy Chaos,” and we could not have been less cool.

First of all, Punky Brewster was the bomb when we were little girls.  Who didn’t want to be her?  Secondly, as we got older, we got to watch real life Soleil date virtually every “Teen Beat” cover boy and, again, we wanted to be her.

Even though we were not cool, Soleil was adorable.  We asked her bizarre questions and waxed on about our mutual longtime crush on “Jake Ryan.” (Yes, Sixteen Candles’ Jake Ryan) So fun!

Now, she is a MAMA and her website is fabulous!  Smart and funny-just like we’d imagine a Punky mom to be.

Enjoy it, MAMAs!

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