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O-MAMA ON THE RADIO: “What lessons can be learned from The Three Little Pigs?” Kadafi & friends and other international news

Around the Kitchen Table everyone is talking about Kadafi’s death, bringing our troops home from Iraq and the big earthquake in Turkey.  Shaky ground to navigate! After decades of repression, the Libyan people are bracing themselves for the aftershock following a coup d’etat. President Obama announced Friday that, after 8 years at war, soldiers in Iraq should be coming home soon, which might rock their New Year a tad. And, the Turkish people are, once again, trying to piece things together after an earthquake claims 200+ iives. (The last one in 1999 left 10,000 dead)

All of this made us think how situations force us to “shake things up” at home. We already know as moms that nothing stays the same.  Each day we’re faced with a new set of challenges and have to always be at the ready.  After all, “life is unpredictable”.  So, how do we deal with the big and little tremors at home?  They may not be world news events, but things like divorce, job loss and even a child turning tweener can make the needle on the family richter scale bounce!

We know that family is the cement in the foundation of our children’s lives.  But, it’s the little lessons learned everyday that provide the brick and mortar that build on that foundation.   Setting expectations and communication help build trust strong, confident, capable kids that, no matter how many wolves come a huffing and puffing, they will be able to weather any storm, and survive any tremor.

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Here are some resources to help you raise a Kid-O with a strong foundation! Oink Oink!






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