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O-MAMA ON THE RADIO: “I’ll Be There”- Michael Jackson Holds Up A Mirror

Today we’re talking about the Kind of Pop.  Michael Jackson was not a MAMA, but he may end up teaching us a great parenting lesson – what NOT to do. We need to look “at the man in the mirror” and take a good look at ourselves and make sure we like what we see…and the same is true for our KID-Os.  We have “to do” lists for our kids, we want them to acheive and accomplish so much that sometimes we forget to just let them be kids.  We spend a lot of time knowing what they are doing, but we need to make sure we know HOW they are doing.  Michael Jackson accomplished so much, and he had everything…except a childhood, surrounded by people he trusted. And ultimately, that was his undoing. 

Michael tried to “be there” for everyone…and even told us so…his lyrics were telling, but who was “there” for him? We are going to be talking about that, and most importantly about really being “there” for our own kids.  Please read our opinion “I’ll Be There” and let us know your opinion MAMAS!!!  

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