One MAMA, 4 kids, 50 states-that’s what The Great American Field Trip is all about.  Jill Fales and her kids, Payton (13), Janey (11), Sally (9) and Wyatt (6) will burn rubber across the country for one semester in the ultimate moving classroom- their minivan!  Can anyone say “Road School?” Throwing traditional education to the winds for a few months, this HOT MAMA is on a mission- to ignite a passion for learning in her children.  MAMA on FIRE!

Jill believes that the benefits of experiential learning will far outweigh any classroom time her kids will miss.  Rest assured, though, she did prepare a curriculum based on literature, history and science related to the stops they will make in 22 states.  Her kids will not be on perpetual recess.  For example, they will be reading The Adventures of Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn before visiting Mark Twain’s home, and Lewis and Clark for Kids before river rafting on the Deschutes River in Oregon.  Read about it then experience it and it becomes part of you.

Jill will be writing about their adventures on her blog, which will include book reviews, places to visit and fun stories.   Then, Jill will be writing about the trip in it’s entirety in an upcoming book called, “A Journey Beyond the Pages: A Literary Travel Guide for Bringing Literature to Life.” 

Jill will “report” on life across the United States, from a mom’s perspective.  You can follow her here and on her blog.   Jill Fales will be was on the radio September 12th for O-MAMA Mondays!   

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