WEEKLY POLL: MAMAS, who do you think will be the next GOP candidate?

The field is pretty big – 8 current GOP candidates.  So, who do you think will be the republican nominee?  Please take the weekly poll and share your opinion with just a click.  Please visit the REPUBLICAN MAMAS room to read about each of the candidates and share your opinions.

MOMism:  ”If you can’t be with the one you love, love the one you’re with.”  The Republican primary is going to go on for awhile, since the electorate seemingly hasn’t really fallen in love with one of the candidates. The issue of “settling” will likely come up at some point as we navigate our own love lives and live vicariously through our children’s broken hearts.  So, MAMAS, do you love your choices? If you can’t have the nominee of your dreams, do you settle for someone else? What’s your advice for the nation?

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