Love and Marriage

CUTEST COUPLE: MAMAS – Do you believe in true love forever?

It doesn’t just happen in fairy tales and in the movies, an Iowa couple started out as high school sweethearts, were married for over seven decades and died holding hands. Seriously, Norma and Gordon Yeager were the real deal.  Please click to watch their love story

MOMism:  ”Til Death Do Us Part.”  So often, we hear about cheating, abuse, unhappiness, pettiness and all the rest.  Our kids are flooded with stories of marital dysfunction, from their own lives, their friends’ lives and in the media circus around celebrities, sports heroes, politicians, etc.  But, sometimes your first love really is your true love.  (Note to self:  When my daughters are having boy drama, listen closely, be open minded and don’t be too dismissive because she is too young and has so much more life to live before settling down?!). Here’s a love story that rises above the rest.  A love that was true and sweet until the very end.  Two hearts that beat as one – literally. MAMAS, please watch the story and you’ll believe that love can last forever!  (-:

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