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O-MAMA ON THE RADIO: ROAD TRIP-”The Great American Field Trip” with author, Jill Fales

One MAMA, 4 kids, 50 states-that’s what The Great American Field Trip is all about. 

Debbie and Michelle were the kitchen table talking to MAMA, Jill Fales, live on the phone from a farm in Iowa, on blogtalk radio.  Jill and her kids, Payton (13), Janey (11), Sally (9) and Wyatt (6) are traversing the country in the ultimate moving classroom- their minivan!  Can anyone say “Road School?”  Throwing traditional education to the winds for a few months, this engaged MAMA is on a “mission.”  She has her own definition of GPA- “Growth, Perspective and Achievement,” and believes the benefits of experiential learning will far outweigh any classroom time her kids will miss.  Plus, she says she’ll have some special resources at her disposal while on the journey.  “I will not be teaching alone.  We have much to learn from the voices of the past. Courageous men, women and children who have endured hardships, mistreatment, slavery or war.  Those, who despite challenges pursued the promise of a better life, a better country.  Their innovation, creativity and perseverance will inspire our learning and growth.  We stand on their shoulders.  We will visit the places where they lived, stood, worked or bled.   Read the worlds they wrote or spoke.”  Jill’s kids will be reading books that coincide with the historic places they will be visiting. 

Jill is “reporting” on life across the United States, from a mom’s perspective.  You can follow on her blog and in the EDUCATION room on O-MAMA.com

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