RAISE IT UP: Fly The Flag For 9/11

We know that there are some events in life that change us – for the good and the bad – but, we will never forget the impact they make on who we become.  We are a different nation than we were 10 years ago, just like our KID-Os are different people than they were 10 years ago – fundamentally, they are the same little person just with more scars, more attitude and more growing to do. Even though there will be more bumps, bruises, fears and tears in our kids’ future, we’ll be there to encourage them to dust themselves off, stand tall and try again.  The same is true for our country – we aren’t the same today, but out of the ashes are gleaming new towers reaching toward the sky once again.  We can never replace all that was lost on that day, so we will remember who we are and what we stand for and wave our flag proudly united in grief, but united.

MOMism: “We will never forget.” We don’t really need a specific holiday to wave our flag.  We do it proudly when we are united in grief, in celebration or appreciation for the star spangled banner and all that it symbolizes. Each Memorial Day, Flag Day, Fourth of July and Veteran’s Day, streets in every neighborhood across the country are lined with American flags.  Now, we have another historic day to wave our flag – September 11th – to mark a moment that defined our nation. This year, marks the 10th anniversary of 9/11 – a day none of us MAMAs will ever forget.  A day our country will never forget.  Chances are a lot of our KID-Os were babies and are looking to us to explain it.  That’s a toughy.  But, chances are that a lot of our kids can’t get the images…and the fear…and loss out of their minds either.  That’s even tougher.  So, let’s wave our flags this weekend in remembrance of 9/11 and wrap our arms around our kids, too.  The message is the same – we are united and we will get through these tough times together.

If you want to discuss 9/11 with your kids, there are some great, age appropriate ways to do so.  MAMAS – take a look at the age appropriate links we provided – from PBS’s “helping children deal with scary things in the news” for little ones to MTV’s testimonials for teenages and twenty-somethings – and let us know your opinions or if you come across any other resources!

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