HEROES IN OUR MIDST:What Kid-O’s Can Learn From Strangers

MAMAs appreciate the days we can be proud of each other and ourselves as a nation.  This is one such day on two fronts.  First of all, former Marine Sergeant Dakota Meyer was awarded the Medal of Honor for his bravery when his unit was involved in a rescue mission in Afghanistan.  This intrepid young American insists that he is not a hero, but accepted the medal on behalf of the men in his unit who were killed in the fighting.   At the ceremony, the President said that, in America, “every member of our team is as important as the other.”

So true!  When push comes to shove, we value each other.  We rise above the petty differences and go over and above for one another, as evidenced by the group of people who lifted a burning car off of the young man trapped under it-saving his life.  Perfect strangers rushed to Brandon Wright’s aid, with no regard for their own safety.  The 21-year-old student, who is in satisfactory condition, says he wants to meet and thank each one of them personally for what they did.

Sometimes, it’s not about which political party you’re in, who you love, what color you are, what religion you practice.  No one cares.  The truth is, in America, no man gets left behind.  MAMAs, who is your hero?

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