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I was on my way to buy some birthday gifts when I saw my eldest son’s vehicle parked at a Star Bucks.  He goes there frequently to write his blogs for IdeaFestival.com and KY Space.com.  So, I stopped and thought I’d go in to just say “hi.”  I ended up keeping him from his business for a bit longer.  Okay, a lot longer!  (When a mother finds one of her adult children alone, she must take advantage of it!)

I had a wonderful conversation with him.  He leans left and I lean right.  We have, both of us, voted Democrat and Republican.  It was a great discussion!  I enjoyed listening to his points of view and he graciously acknowledged mine.

A longtime and very close friend called a while back to ask how I felt about the first Republican debate.  Well, we sure didn’t see eye to eye.    

Thought: What if everyone had the same views and beliefs?  We NEED different points of view on all areas of life.  Whether you are a Democrat or Republican, Independent, or whatever, we HAVE to have different points of view.  How in the world would we ever learn anything if we all believed exactly the same thing, thought the same thing, and taught the same thing?

We must listen to each other.  Somewhere we, as a people and as a nation, have stopped listening.  People are so intent on getting their one and only “true” message out that they cannot even begin to wonder, much less listen to, another point of view.  Where have all the good debates and debaters gone?  The ones that don’t include bashing the opponent; criticizing every idea that comes down the line without even thinking about it; calling names and reporting untruths?  Who even knows what is true anymore? 

That is a good question.  In order for me to know the truth, I spend time listening, searching, reading, and discussing.  Yes, it takes time and I have to give up something else I might rather be doing, but it is worth it.  Knowledge is power.  Truth is freedom.

One of my recommendations to all O-MAMAs is to read, discuss, and acknowledge in O-Mama’s discussion rooms those that are not your favorites, as well as your favorites. You will hear opposing opinions and respectful discussions from others who also want to learn what you have to say!   

The proof is in the pudding – if you don’t have a “career” in politics and are worried about getting elected!

I am thankful for O-MAMA’s and their thoughts and opinions!  Spread the word.  We CAN change the world – even if it is one person at a time. 

For peace, liberty and justice for all…and independent thinking, of course!

~ Granny La Te Da

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