CAN’T FOOL MOTHER NATURE: Prepare For Hurricane Irene

Hurricane Irene is one big MAMA!  This gigantic storm is expected to hit the East Coast this weekend and we are encouraging all MAMAs to heed evacuation warnings and be prepared. MAMAs are never without our special, seemingly bottomless “backpack” (designer or not) loaded with everything from retainers to undies, sippy cups to snacks. 

But, even we can get thrown for a loop, especially when Mother Nature decides to exert her power.  We know we can’t fool that MAMA, especially when she is all whipped up!?! So, the lesson learned is that we need to prepare our families for hurricanes, tsunami, fire, flood, tornado, quake…whatever the “zone” we live in requires.  Are you prepared?

A quick “go bag” should include:



7 days worth of medication

first aid kit

flashlight (hand crank)

radio (hand crank)

Please make sure your car is filled up with gas & you have a plan to connect with loved ones in case you are separated.  MAMA’s are good at taking care of the little emergencies, but let’s not forget to prepare for the big ones, too!  Be safe this weekend MAMAS!!!

If you are in the path of Hurricane Irene, please be informed and prepared

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  1. Anonymous August 26, 2011 at 3:04 pm #
    Opinionated MAMA

    Thank you for posting this – I'm not in the hurricane zone, but I clicked on the links and am preparing for TORNADOS. We sometimes take it for granted that we'll be fine, but like the saying goes "it's better to be safe, than sorry." Stay safe MAMAs in the path of hurricane Irene – she seems like she is going to be really nasty?!!?

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