Zach Wahls is all about family. He’s sorta your average 19 year old.  He’s an Eagle scout.  He’s a college student (at the University of Iowa).  He’s an engineering major, who runs a small business of his own. He has a younger sister and two loving parents who are still married. He is the son of two mothers, who are married to each other.  He is the biological child of a same-sex union.

Zach is now an activist for gay marriage.  He went up against the Iowa legislature aimed at amending the state constitution to ban gay marriage.  Zach fought to keep civil unions legal in Iowa for the sake of his family.  He went to the Iowa House of Representatives and spoke against House Joint Resolution 6, which hopes to end same-sex marriage, civil unions and domestic partnerships there.  (The amendment did pass with a vote of 62-37 – it will now be voted on by the Senate and if it passes there, it will be put on the ballot for Iowans to vote on.)  Zach spoke so eloquently and passionately in defense of his parent’s marriage, his speech has been seen by almost two million people on youtube. 

Zach is our KID-O of the month because he is changing the world by putting gay marriage in the context of millions of kids with same-sex parents.  Zach has become the face of “a child of a same sex couple.”   He calls himself an “average” kid, but these MAMAs think he’s too humble.  He’s an extraordinary young man with the courage of his convictions – whether this can be attributed to him being raised by loving MAMAs, no one can say for sure, but it definitely had something to do with it!!!  We’re sure proud of this KID-O for defending his family…and family values.

Wanna see our opinion in 2008?  Click to see our video on GAY MARRIAGE…we are “evolving.”  (-: 

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    What a wonderful son!

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