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JOIN O-MAMA.com for your FREE Opinionated MAMA bumper sticker! Raising kids brings up all sorts of sticky situations!? And, yep, our opinions stick with our kids and influence how they feel about themselves and their world. So, if our kids are the future, then WE are literally shaping the future of our country one child at a time. No pressure MAMAs, but we have the most important job in America! If we’re doing it right, it’s exhausting and a lot of hard work. 

So, let’s stick together – together, we can get to the heart of the issues that matter most and usher in a new era of parental responsibility all at the same time, using parenting instead of politics to discuss the issues of the day. Our kids are the future politicians, police officers, bankers, teachers, soldiers, pop stars and scientists. So, let’s provide our country with great citizens by raising great KID-Os. Please read our mission.

Join thousands of other MAMAs committed to being a constructive voice in our country’s most important conversations on O-MAMA.com. We are so proud of the community we are building. We aren’t always going to agree, but together, we can teach our kids, and our country, how to use their big girl/boy voice, be good listeners and play by the rules. We can use our experiences honed in motherhood to be the “voice of reason” and break through all the other non-sense to figure out important teachable MOMents in the news & events of the day, so our kids and our country thrive. (-:

Thank you for being an engaged and Opinionated MAMA – JOIN O-MAMA.com and check the box for your FREE Opinionated MAMA bumper sticker. Thanks MAMA for the important job you do every day!

Change begins at home…and it starts with YOU.

-Deb & Michelle

(Two moms from opposite ends of the political spectrum who are friends and respect each other’s opinions – honest to goodness)

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